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December 2011

10 tips to help you cope with the " Holiday Blues"

The holiday season can be a time of joy, parties, and family gatherings.  But for some it can also be a time of loneliness, anxiety, and reflections on past problems and failures. Many people develop stress response or "Holiday Blues" during the holiday season exhibited through physical and emotional symptoms.  Others may experience " Post Holiday Blues" as a result of financial constraints compounded with stress, fatigue and the holiday "Let Down". 
These are 10 tips that could help you cope with the " Holiday Blues":
1-Try to set realistic expectations and goals of yourself, and LOWER your expectations of others.
2-Surround yourself with caring and supportive people, reach out for new and old friends.
3- Keep in mind that the holidays do not banish reasons for feeling lonely and depressed.
4- Let go of the past and make a conscious effort to move forward with your life by making small positive changes.
5- Continue to engage in physical activities, this will increase the " feel good hormones" in your body.
6- Assert yourself by saying " No, but thanks" when you know for sure that the environment is going to be negative based on past experiences.
7- Be aware of your alcoholic intake, alcohol will increase symptoms of depression. Just say "NO"
8- Choose healthy food that will stabilize your blood sugar, remember the connection between mind and body.
9-Try to focus on the spiritual aspect of the holiday season.
10- Practice gratitude everyday, be thankful for everything you DO have and always look at your glass as " HALF-FULL"
I wish all of  you a happy and Joyfull holiday season.
Dina Abu-Isa, MA, LPC, NCC
Owner & psychotherapist/ North Oakland Counseling
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