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Questions Frequently Asked

North Oakland Counseling

1-How long is each counseling session?

Counseling sessions are 50 minute long. If the session goes over one hour, the fee is prorated accordingly. 

2-How often should I come to counseling?

For best results, it is recommended that you come to counseling on a weekly basis. Sometimes due to financial situations biweekly sessions are acceptable. 

3-Do you keep all my informations confidential?

All your informations are strictly confidential & what is discussed in the office never leaves the office. In the case you are using your health insurance to pay for services, they require that you sign a release form to exchange information with them in order for them to pay for your treatment.

By law, there are three reasons confidentiality will be breeched:

1- You are in danger of hurting yourself or others.

2- There are evidence of child or elderly abuse.

3- Your records are subpoenaed by court of law. 

4-What is your cancellation policy?
We require 24 hours notice for cancellation otherwise you will be charged and billed for the full session. In case of emergency the 24 hour rule does not apply as long as you call therapist to cancel. No-Show clients will be charged the full fee.

5-Do you offer fees on a sliding scale?

Yes we do. We are often able to determine a lower fee based on client's household income. This makes counseling more available and affordable to everyone. Call the office for details.

6-Do you offer counseling for children and adolescents?

We offer counseling services for all ages, children, adolescents & adults. We work with children with ADD/ADHD, anxiety, anger, autism, grief & loss, and behavioral problems. 

7-Do you write prescription for antidepressant or other psychotropic medication?

No we don't, however, I work closely with psychiatrists and primary care physicians who can evaluate client's needs for medications and write prescriptions when necessary. 

8-What do I do if I have a crisis before my next counseling session?

We are available daily from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm to answer your emergency calls. If for some reason your therapist doesn't answer her phone you can leave her a voice mail and she will return your call as soon as possible. If your call involves a life threatening situation we ask that you to call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room. 

9-Does my health insurance pay for marriage counseling?

Marriage counseling is not covered under most health insurance, please check with your insurance prior to scheduling a marriage counseling session.

10-Can you tell us more about your approach to couples counseling? What should we expect when we meet with you?

We set the stage for the couple to have a conscious relationship where each partner begins to understand how he or she is contributing to the conflicts. Because of the boundaries set in therapy, each partner will feel safe to express his/ her point of view in a way the other one can hear and understand, even if he/she may not agree. The couple will learn to develop trust in each other, they will also learn a new method of communication that allows them to resolve their own issues. 

marriage counseling, North Oakland Counseling LLC

A relationship therapist doesn't try to solve the couples' relationship problems, instead, helps them see things in a new perspective so they are more able to deal with their problems during and after therapy.

Our approach is to meet with both partners at once from our first meeting, this way we can explore the nature of the conflict and also establish a treatment goal that is specific to their needs. Your therapist may then recommend to meet with each partner in separate sessions to address any sensitive issues that might be affecting the relationship.  

11- How can I tell if counseling is working or not & how do I know when I am finished with counseling?

In the beginning of counseling you and your therapist will work on setting counseling goals. Your progress towards these goals determines if you counseling is working or not. I ask that you commit to at least 5 sessions of counseling in order to see any change. You also have to keep in mind that counseling is a partnership between you and your therapist. You and your therapist have to work together & hand-in-hand in resolving your issues. Once you reached your counseling goals (thus, feeling better, etc), you and your therapist can discuss termination. With my open door policy you are always welcome back in the future if you feel the need to.

12-What is you policy regarding calling, texting and emailing my therapist?

Upon your written consent during your initial session you will be able to contact your therapist through phone calls, texting or emailing. However these methods of communications are reserved only for scheduling / rescheduling your appointment, as well as for emergency situations, but NOT FOR COUNSELING. Please be mindful of your therapist's time between your sessions. If you need counseling between sessions contact your therapist who will arrange to see you as soon as she has an opening. If unable to meet face-to-face with your therapist you can make prior arrangement for brief counseling through texts, emails, or phone-calls. A prorated charge will incur based on the time spent and will be billed to you. Please note that Health Insurances don't cover for this method of counseling. 

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